Como Bajar De Peso Rapido – Sin Rebote, Sin Receta, en Una Semana

When it comes to the topic of how to lose weight a lot of people are very confused. There’s a lot of advertising going around all the time for different exercise equipment, diets, and weight-loss fads. Who can you trust? Well, certainly you can’t trust the people who tell you that it’s okay to be fat and unhealthy.

Here we have a serious problem. While many think that it is a good idea to encourage people to accept themselves as how they are, this has been taken way too far.

Why Fat Shaming and Fat Glamourizing are Both Stupid

como bajar de peso rapidoThe problem is that people who are obese tend to either feel terribly ashamed or they feel proud that they are fat. Their obesity has become part of their identity. Neither one is good. Both show a fundamental lack of insight into the problem itself, which is identification with your body as how valuable you are as a person. This, of course, is absurd.

The solution, then, is not to tear ourselves down for being overweight nor is it to glamorize our unhealthy physique. The solution is to disconnect our self-worth from our physical fitness. Como Bajar De Peso Rapido 5 Kilos.

Physical fitness is great and it’s nice to be in good shape. But, it doesn’t make you a good or bad person. This is the issue. People think that we have to stroke their own egos and say that it’s great to be overweight.

It isn’t. It’s unhealthy, you don’t have as much energy, you’re not as attractive to the opposite sex. Period.

That being said, it doesn’t make you any more of a good person or a bad person. But, unhealthy is unhealthy. It doesn’t matter how you try to sugarcoat it.

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adelgazar rapido sin rebote como hacerlo

However, rather than shaming anyone who is overweight (as many people stupidly do) and saying they should eat better or they should exercise more, the real solution is to disassociate our own personal value of human beings from our physical fitness. They are two different things.

Being overweight doesn’t make you a good or bad person. If you want to lose weight, that’s great. But don’t do so because you are ashamed of yourself and think that you are a horrible person if you don’t.

We need to stop glamorizing being fat, but the same time don’t attack people who are fat either. Want to know como bajar de peso en un dia 5 kilos?

People are fat because the results of their habits and sometimes (but not usually) other environmental factors such as congenital health problems. These health problems however are often caused by the poor habits. So it’s a chicken-and-egg situation.

The solution though is the same. The solution is to disassociate being fat and self-worth. The solution is to disassociate physical fitness with self value. Once you do that you can accept yourself for who you are but also realize that it’s just not healthy to eat junk and not exercise.

Once you accept that you’re fat and it’s not a good thing, you can calmly and confidently do something about it. It’s a problem, and you go fix it. Done. No whining, no justifying. You can just handle it because your identify isn’t all wrapped up in it. Pastillas efectivas para bajar de peso rapido.

adelgazar sin rebote

If you want to slim down and be at a nice healthy weight and that’s great. If you really want to go for it and put on a lot of muscle and get really ripped then that’s great too. But, that doesn’t make you a better person, it just makes you more fit.

If we can just stop identifying with our bodies and then we can learn to appreciate ourselves for who we are not how we look in a bathing suit. Also, it would invalidate and make completely unnecessary ridiculous claims that being overweight is attractive or healthy.