Dear Talent,

310 Casting Studios is excited to announce the casting for new commercials for Power Rangers toys and merchandise. The Power Rangers movie is set to release this spring and many people are excited about watching the movie. In addition to the movie, they’ll there is expected to be big up-surge in demand for Power Rangers merchandise.

power rangers movie

If you remember, in the nineties the Power Rangers toys where some of the hottest items for practically the entire decade. Power Rangers toys have always been the hot commodity and we suspect that they’re about to be hotter than ever this summer.

The Power Rangers movie promises to be the Transformers of this year. One great thing about the Power Rangers franchise is that it has a track record of success. With so much success and experience behind it, we are excited to be holding the casting call for the commercials.

We’re looking for young models and actors who will be displayed playing with the toys on camera. We’re looking for fresh and enthusiastic young people, preferably those who already like the Power Rangers television shows. This will make it a lot easier for the actors to be excited about the product. This however is not an absolute necessity.

You can check your email to see if you have received an invitation to audition for this project.

Another great thing about the Power Rangers movie and its anticipated success is that it has big name actors in line play the different roles. Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks, and several other big-name actors are some of the lead in the cast. This type of casting is usually very good for superhero movies and is a very good sign right off the bat.

So, we are looking forward to doing the casting for the Power Rangers merchandise. This will open up opportunities for future promotions in the Power Rangers franchise as there is likely to be sequels and follow-up films. This of course depends on the success of the first film, but things are looking great so far.

Everyone is very excited about the upcoming movie and so people will likely go see it on opening night. It could possibly be one of the bigger movie theater openings for 2017. If you would like to apply to be auditioned for the Power Rangers merchandise commercials, then send an email to our staff and we will let you know if we think you are a good fit.

action figures

The products that we expect to be promoting are all the Power Rangers toys and specific merchandise items. This includes action figures and playsets. There are two categories of the toys. We have both preschool toys and six years and up toys. Obviously, we will be looking for the appropriate age models and actors for each. So, if you have a little brother little sister who would like to be in a Power Rangers commercial then this might be there shot!

Additionally, we will be shooting commercials for Power Rangers t shirt. The t-shirts promised to be a very big merchandise item as well. T-shirts have sold well in the past as it’s a pretty simple and easy way to show you are Power Rangers spirit. Not everyone will buy the toys, especially adults, but wearing the t-shirt is something that appeals to practically all ages. So we expect to have several t-shirt commercials, not just one. For the t-shirts, since they are for all ages will be looking for all ages for the actors for those commercials.

t shirts

As always, if you have any questions about any of this please contact the casting director. We are here to help you and if you think you will be a good fit please let us know. We’re very excited about the upcoming release of the film, and hope that you will help us to promote it and the merchandise that goes along with it.